Who Can Serve a Subpoena in the State of New Jersey? · 2024

A subpoena that requires the attendance of a witness to appear in any court can be served at any location within the State of New Jersey.  The subpoena may be served by any individual 18 years or older and shall be made by delivery of a copy thereof to the individual named.  A fee can be associated with the subpoena allowed by law except when the individual is subpoenaed as a witness in a criminal action for the State. 

New Jersey process server serves service of process order to recipient. If the individual is considered a witness or an indigent defendant, the associated fee will be paid at the conclusion of the trail by the sheriff prior to leaving the court or in municipal court by the clerk thereof.  A subpoena which only seeks a production of records or documents may be served by registered, certified or ordinary mail.  When served in the manner of the mail, the subpoena shall be enforceable only when a signed acknowledgment and waiver of personal service is received.  

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