How to Serve My Spouse with Divorce Documents in New Jersey

First and foremost, the spouse asking for divorce must file a divorce petition with the local court and complete “service of process,”. Then, confirm that the spouse receives copies of the divorce documents. Delivering the documents to your spouse is important. If your spouse has not been served, the courts will not proceed with legal action and will dismiss your case. 

A spouse may wonder if they can hand-deliver divorce documents on their own. The best way to serve your spouse is by hiring a process server in your area. 

How to Serve My Spouse with Divorce Documents · New Jersey · Subpoena Served Process Server

Reasons for Hiring a Process Server During a Divorce

  • Process servers will ensure the paperwork will be served.
  • Find a person who is tough to find or be evading service.
  • Appear in court to testify if a person denies being served.
  • Return proof-of-service.
  • Guide you through the process from beginning to end. 

Information Required For Process Servers During a Divorce

  • The spouse’s home and work address, and the address of other places frequented by the spouse.
  • Provide current photos, so the process server will identify the spouse. Directly after, the spouse is served, the process server creates “Proof of Service,” which must be filed with the court.

Process servers normally may make between three to five attempts. 

Serving your spouse may take only one attempt, or it may take weeks. Which is why hiring a reputable process service company will save you time, stress, and money. 

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