Can Anyone Accept a Subpoena On My Behalf? · 2024

A subpoena directed to a person can only be served to the person, directly. However, there are exceptions to the rule: 

Can anyone accept a subpoena on my behalf? · Subpoena Served New Jersey

If the person is a peace officer. Any subpoena requesting a peace officer to testify in court about or be a witness to an event may be served by delivering two copies of the subpoena and designated to a superior or an agent permitted to receive subpoenas on the peace officers behalf. Directly after, they must hand-deliver the second copy to the peace officer. 

If the person is a state employee. If the employee has been requested to come forward and share knowledge of their expertise while on duty, a superior or an acting agent may accept the subpoena on their behalf.

Although not recommended, a person listed on a criminal subpoena can be served by mail. The person named on the subpoena must be willing to identify themselves by drivers license number, birth date, or DMV Identification. However, supplying personal information to third parties is not recommended.

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