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How to Hire The Best Process Server in New Jersey

So, it's time to bring someone to court but you aren't sure exactly how to contact the person. The law says that you must notify them, so what do you do? In situations such as these, the ideal situation is to hire a process server to do the footwork for you. Process Servers will find the person for you and deliver the paperwork. They hand-deliver court documents, such as summons, subpoenas, and complaints. Because process servers have a difficult job, finding the right process service company is important. You will want to consider a variety of factors so that...

Service of Process Definition: What Does It Mean? · 2024

The definition of Service of Process is a method where parties documented in a legal lawsuit are formally served court documents a notice of legal action to the other party, which could be a defendant, court, or administrative body. The documents could consist of a complaint, answer, and/or motion papers. In the lawsuit, it requires the person to respond and appear before the court on a specific date and time.

Can Anyone Serve a Summons By Mail?

In some circumstances, such as small claim cases, you may be allowed to serve a summons by mail. You may not need to have another person to serve the defendants. If granted, you can deliver the summons along with a copy of the complaint by certified mail. Be certain that it is restricted delivery, and has a return requested. Restricted delivery means that only the person listed on the summons will be able to sign.