Service of Process Definition: What Does It Mean? · 2024

The definition of Service of Process is a method where parties documented in a legal lawsuit are formally served court documents a notice of legal action to the other party, which could be a defendant, court, or administrative body. The documents could consist of a complaint, answer, and/or motion papers. In the lawsuit, it requires the person to respond and appear before the court on a specific date and time.

The definition of Service of Process · New Jersey · Subpoena Served Process ServiceProcess service is crucial when filing civil lawsuits. The fact of the matter is that a process of service is so essential that court hearings will not proceed if it is not done correctly. The reason is that the court has to establish jurisdiction over the defendant. Service of process is also important because the defendant has to be notified that the plaintiff is bringing a lawsuit and that the courts will hear the lawsuit. Therefore, it is important to understand process service procedures and its place in a lawsuit.

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