Hire a Process Server for Evictions in New Jersey

We understand that many issues may arise when renting to a tenant. Renting a property is not an easy task. When a tenant decides to avoid paying rent, engages in illegal activity, or violated terms and conditions of their lease, then it’s time to proceed with legal action. Subpoena Served Process Service will take you through the entire process by following these steps: 

  • Hand-deliver any notices to the tenant. 
  • Send proof-of-service directly after servicing documents.
  • Offer service for landlords who reside out-of-state. 

Hire a process server for landlord and tenant eviction disputes in New Jersey

The Benefits of Hiring a Process Server for Evictions in New Jersey

 The upside of having a process server deliver your documents is to reduce emotional stress caused by the tenant. By taking on the task, we save you time and anguish. Secondly, the disgruntled tenant may be trying to evade service of process, so, by having someone serve documents that are unfamiliar to the tenant will increase the possibility of being served. If the tenant disputes being served, Subpeona Served will appear in court to testify documents were hand-delivered to the tenant. We are highly trained in dealing with evasive tenants. 

Contact us to remedy by hiring a process server for tenant evictions. 

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