How to Serve a Summons Complaint in New Jersey · 2024

What is a summons complaint? 

A summons is a written notice, along with a complaint, notifying the court and the defendant(s) that the complaint has been served to all parties and lists the first court appearance and date for the lawsuit.

How to Serve a Summons Complaint in New Jersey · Subpoena ServedIs their a deadline when serving a summons in New Jersey?

After filing your complaint, the plaintiff has 15 days to issue a summons, which begins from the date of the Track Assignment Notice. If you missed the deadline, then your case will be dismissed. 

Do not have the summons served by any persons directly participating or has an interest in the lawsuit. 

Summons is served using one of these three options: 

  •  Service by a local sheriff
  •  Service by a local process server
  •  Service by certified mail (offered in some areas, please check)

A person is considered to be “served” is when a copy of the summons and complaint is delivered by hand to the individual or at their place of dwelling. The only exception is when the documents are delivered to an appointed person authorized to accept service on behalf of the defendant. 

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